Here’s Our Complete List of Frequently Asked Questions!

What kind of pests can you commonly see in your house and/or business place?

The kind of pests that are most commonly seen invading the houses and business places are:

– Termites
– Rodents like rats, mice and so on…
– Ants
– Bees
– Fleas
– Cockroaches
– Spiders
– Mosquitoes
– Moths

Where does the pest come from? My house and the business place are kept clean!

It is to be remembered that the pests are not coming inside our house and business place to annoy us. Most of the times, the pests would come inside only when the outer environment is not that very hospitable. For instance, let’s take the hot summers when the earth becomes dry and during the times of heavy rains and even cold winters when the outside conditions appear to be threatening their survival. In particular, rats and mice would look for warmth, as well as comfort, only during the cold winters. Since our homes and business places have a plenty of food and nesting materials, they seek refuge in these places quite easily. The cleaner the home and/or business place the lesser the pests seeking refuge in those places.

Are there any common signs of pest infestation?

Although the pest infestation cannot be noticed right away it would leave some evidence of infestation at some point for sure. Yes, different pests would leave different evidence. However, following are some of the common signs to watch for:

Mice and rat:
– Droppings
– Wood shaving
– Holes in the walls

– Nests in the secluded areas (Examples: rear end of cabins, boards …)
– Cracks (Examples: behind the water sinks, heaters, door frames …)

From where do the bed bugs come? They are biting!

Most commonly, the bed bugs will be brought from outside your house. It could be brought by a visitor, a family member, or the pets. Although the bed bugs are thought to be a bedtime parting ritual, it’s not so in reality! They are threatening and will be a nuisance to your family. If you doubt that there are bed bugs in your home, don’t hesitate to call us here at Fulcrum Pest today.

I don’t know whether there are bed bugs at my home? How can I find out?

Well, the presence of bed bugs can be sensed by small, red bites on your body. Bed bugs are the small, oval-shaped wingless insects that are generally brown in color. Most commonly, the size of the bed bugs will range from five to nine millimeters.

A few simple ways to find out whether there are bed bugs at your home are by:

1. Pulling the pillows, as well as sheets down from the bed and see whether there is any reddish-brown or black spot on your sheets nearby the headboard of your bed
2. Looking for spots on your mattress, pillow, headboard, and wall behind the headboard
3. Checking your dresser drawers for spots/insects

Will the bed bugs invade only the beds?

Although bed bugs are most commonly seen in the mattresses these are not the only regions that the bed bugs could survive. It has been reported from several findings that bed bugs can also be found in the following places:

– Chair cushions
– Sofas
– Electrical outlets
– Cracks
– Crevices
– Picture frames

Can we find the bed bugs only in homes?

While the bed bugs are commonly found in the homes these can also be found in almost any place where there is a source of food. Likewise, the bed bugs can be found in:

– Apartments
– Hotels
– Hospitals
– Schools
– Offices
– Movie theaters

How do I save my home from bed bugs?

In order to prevent the bed bug infestation in your home, you need to be always watchful by looking for the warning signs like unknown bug bites, smaller specks in the beds and so on. Whenever you are returning home from vacation, you must always check your luggage and clothing.

What is the best pest control method?

When most of the traditional pest control methods would rely on the application of pesticides all around your house randomly, this can’t be called the best control method. When you want to be successful in pest control, it should be done in such a way that the pests are coming in direct contact with your pesticides in the regions of application.

What is the best method to prevent pest infestation?

When it comes to pest prevention, the best method is to concentrate on keeping the pests from entering your residence or office by following some preventive actions like caulking and/or sealing even the smaller entry points. In addition, the preventive treatments must be focused on specific areas outside the house and business place where the pests would normally live and breed.

How can I control pests inside my house/business place if I concentrate on the outside areas?

In any pest control method, the first and foremost areas to be concentrated are the infested areas inside your home or business place. As a first step, you need to focus on the existing pest problems and insulate the places of pest infestation. Only after this, you need to concentrate on destroying the access areas of pests through which they enter or get water and food for their survival. As a final step, a barrier must be created to prevent the re-entry of pests. By doing the pest control in this way, you can eliminate or at least reduce the need for carrying out the pest treatment more repeatedly.

Will the pesticides affect my pets?

There are several pet-friendly products available in the market today. They won’t affect your pets in any way if and only if you follow the recommendations quoted on the label. Remember that, some of the pest control treatments would need enough time to dry before you let the pets into the treated areas.

Why should I call the Professional Pest Prevention services for my home/office?

The reason is quite simple. As the pest prevention professionals are the people with proper education, training, and certification, they would know how to handle the situation properly. Also, they would have been trained for the proper application of pesticides that are used for eliminating or preventing pests.

How to select the right pest management service?

Whenever you are about to call a professional pest management service, you need to make sure that you are choosing a company that has a good reputation. The company should have a good knowledge of the pest control and professional. At the times when you are unable to come up with decisions on the pest management service, seek help from your friends and colleagues. Remember that, it is always good to look for members of state and some national associations for understanding the ethical guidelines, as well as the technical information. Finally, ensure that the company has got the license from the regulatory agency of your state. Here at Fulcrum we have 200+ testimonials on Google+.

What is meant by a condition, an avenue and a source?

These are the means for the pests to get into your home or business. They are defined as follows:
Condition: This is the circumstance outside your home or business that is suitable for pest activities.

This can be something like:
– Sanitation around garbage can
– Standing water
– Wood storage

Avenue: This is the pathway through which the pests enter your home or business.
This can be something like:

– Unsealed crack/crevice
– Tear in window screen
– Break in caulking

Source: This is the place of origin of pests which can be something like:

– Mulch bed
– Accumulated leaves
– Unsealed trash box

What are the health risks linked with the pests?

Although the pests are transmitting an array of health risks, the common ones are as follows:

– Asthma
– Allergy
– Food poisoning

– Lyme disease
– Rocky mountain spotted fever

– Dermatitis
– Murine typhus
– Bubonic plague

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
– Murine typhus
– Salmonella
– Rat-bite fever

– West Nile virus
– Encephalitis
– Malaria

Fire Ant, bee, wasp, yellow jacket…
– Severe allergic reactions
– Anaphylactic shock

I saw one cockroach in my home. Is that indicates that there are many?

It must be understood that the cockroaches have the habit of traveling in packs. Therefore, if you find one cockroach then there are possibilities of having much more inside your home. As the cockroaches are known to cause and spread some diseases, it is best to go for pest control treatment to keep your home safe.

We are facing some bad flea problems even after treating our home with sprays. What can we do?

Remember that, flea problems will be at the peak during summers and you should go for an extermination process to get rid of them. The process would usually involve treating your home, yards, and pet. It is advisable to use a professional pest management service in this case although self-treatment seems logical. This is because; only an expert could help you learn the pests’ life cycle and utilize appropriate techniques to destroy them.

What can be done from your side will be to steam clean the carpets and vacuum your home more often in order to reduce this problem. In addition, you can apply flea treatment to your pet and wash the sheets more frequently using hot soapy water.

How can I find out that there are flying ants in my home?

Several people would mistake the flying ants with termites. There are some ways to find out that there are flying ants in your home and not termites. They are:

Wing Size: While the termite wings will be symmetrical and go past their abdomens the ants wings will be unequal in length and can be found ending at the tips of their abdomens.
Antennae: The termite antennae will be bead-like and straight whereas the antennae of flying ants will be elbowed at the center.
Waist Size: The termites will have a straight body while the waist of the ant will be narrow.

What does the term ‘Hospital Grade’ refers to?

When it comes to residential or commercial fumigation, usually, with fumigation, hospitals will have stricter guidelines as they cannot afford the health of the patients by using the toxic chemicals. When the pesticides have the ‘Hospital grade’, it means that they are safe to be used in hospitals.

How to prevent the diseases that are transmitted by the mosquitoes?

As you know, mosquitoes are responsible for spreading thousands and thousands of diseases each year. In order to prevent these diseases, you must ensure that you don’t have any container with water outside of your home.

Is it really possible to eradicate the mosquitoes from my home?

Yes, this is possible. By using some appropriate pesticides and measures, you can get rid of the mosquitoes even if they have invaded your home already.

How can I determine whether there are fleas in my home/business?

The first indication of the flea infestation in your home/business is your skin. You must check your skin for any bites. Normally, a fleabite will be small. You can also figure this out by examining the coat or ears of your pet too. Furthermore, you are advised to check the hard-to-reach areas of your home/business and your carpets while walking or passing rags. This is because; fleas would jump on almost anything that passes by.

Can I enter my home as soon as it is fumigated?

In general, you should not enter into your home for several hours after it has been fumigated. But, the time would vary depending on the type of pest control treatment you did.

Should I mow my lawn before starting the pest control treatment?

Yes, all the plants, trees, as well as bushes are to be trimmed from the sides of the structure before you start off with your pest control treatment.

What are special procedures that are to be followed before the pest treatment?

You can find the special instructions on the pesticide label and if you are using a professional pest control service, the professionals would let you know about them.

How can I know whether my home has been invaded by rodents?

Yes, it’s quite difficult to confirm the presence the presence of rodents inside your home as they are nocturnal and will be more active during nights. But, you can determine the rodent presence by:

– Identifying the dead rodents in the areas like basements, closets, and garages
– Checking for rodent droppings in the pantries and dustbins
– Hearing the scratch noises in the walls
– Seeing the nesting materials in the corners
– Seeing the gnawed wood and electrical wires

I saw only one or two rodents in my house so far, do I have to worry about this?

Yes, you definitely need to worry! When you are able to see one or two rodents here and there, it means that there are hundreds more. Remember that, a pair of rats/mice can produce over 1500 offspring in just one year time.

How effective are the baited traps in rectifying the rodent problem?

Rodents will be very cautious about the traps particularly if they see one being set off. In order to be successful with the traps, try keeping the baited traps that are not set initially so that the rodents get accustomed to them. After a few days, set the triggers.

What can be baited in the traps?

Here, cheese is not the only option. You can try baiting with any of the following:
– Dried fruits
– Nuts
– Pet foods
– Peanut butter

Can the baited traps alone solve the rodent problem?

Although the baited traps can reduce the rat/mice infestation to a larger extent these cannot solve the problem completely. You are advised to employ other pest control methods in order to eliminate them completely.

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