Making Your Home, Business or Restaurant Pest Proof

If you run a busy household, business, restaurant or other commercial property where food and drink are prepared and served, pest control should be one of the biggest things on your mind. Ensuring that your establishment is clean and safe from these little intruders will do many things for your business. It will help keep the place open for a start, as well as bring your customers peace of mind and better quality experiences. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you get your place up to scratch, and ensure that your establishment is a clean and pest free environment.

One of the very first things on your list to do should be a good level of cleaning on a daily basis. Most home owners, business owners, and restaurant owners, for example, are aware that cleaning is an important part of what they do. But there are certain aspects of the building that need special attention every single day. If these are not given that special attention, then you are looking at a situation where pests will find it easier and more welcoming as a place. They will generally find it much more attractive. The areas that need special attention include obvious ones like the public seating sections of the restaurant and other areas where scraps of food can easily be dropped and left behind. This also includes areas of the kitchen, where it is very easy for food items to be discarded. If you have a cleaning team then make these areas your priority.

The building itself

Another key aspect of pest proofing your home, business or restaurant involves the general build quality of the establishment. You can arrange for a pest-proofing and pest control company to come in, for example, and take a look at the outside of the building and see whether or not there are problem areas. Some buildings contain cracks and holes in their exterior fabric, including brickwork. These cracks and holes allow vermin and other pests to enter the building from outside. If these openings are not filled in or otherwise dealt with, the pests will become used to them, and see them as a general entry point to the building. A good pest control company will be able to make a thorough check of the exterior, so that you have an overview. Then they can arrange to help fill in these openings, or find someone who can.

Then it is worthwhile taking a look around the rest of the building. If there are areas that are not used by staff much, such as cupboards that are not used for storage, then you should take the time to get rid of any mess or clutter in these.  It is quite typical for mice, for example, to make a home in a cupboard that has plenty of stuff in it, if it is not used often. To them it is a quiet and dry place they can rest in. It is vital that you do a little survey of the building and find places that would become homes for pests. By making this positive step you are simply being proactive and giving pests fewer opportunities to get comfortable.

The trash issue

Restaurants create trash on a daily basis, and often in high volume. As owners become more aware of the need to be sustainable, trash has become stored in better ways. But it is still there. While you’re waiting for trash removal, take the time to put systems in place that help to make trash a positive and efficient part of your week, rather than one that causes pests to linger. Ensure all trash is taken out immediately, and contained in sealed, durable bags and containers. Keep the area where trash is kept tidy, so that containers and bags are stored efficiently and with little mess around them. This way, pests will not be tempted to come close to the receptacles and will therefore not gain access to the trash. When most of the trash is foodstuff, this is vital.

One key aspect of making sure that your restaurant is safe from pests in the long run is to get some training instilled. This means contacting a pest control company and asking them how they can help provide training to your staff. The more knowledgeable your staff members are about pest control, the more likely they will work hard to ensure your establishment is clean and pest free. This is an important part of your staff development, as well as the plans you make for ensuring your establishment does the very best for the customers. A good pest control company will help out with this, and the whole process shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to enable your staff to become more aware of how to make the place clean and safe from pests.

The dumpsters

Going back to the places to store trash, it is essential that you always keep dumpster lids tightly closed. The lids on dumpsters are quite possibly the worst places when it comes to pests such as rats, who will quite easily get themselves into the dumpster if the lid is loosened just a little. If your dumpsters have warped lids due to overfilling, you need to either buy new ones or work on ways to keep the lids closed. Tying them down is even an option. Many restaurants find that dumpsters can be a real pain as regards pests, who simply cannot resist the opportunity.

Putting rats to one side of a moment, insects can be a terrible pest problem, and again the exterior of a building is one of the worst areas for these creatures. There is a simple trick here that anyone can implement. Any exterior wood that is starting to decay or is already decaying badly simply needs replacing. By doing this you are removing the opportunity for insects to get a foothold on the building. Once they are in they will become established and will only get worse as a result. So get the exterior wood in the right condition if you want to keep your place clean and free of insects.

These tips are simple ways to make your restaurant pest proof. For advice, simply contact a local pest control company, who should be able offer the help you need.